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Jim Morris founder of Surgical Coatings LLC, Formerly Surgical Sciences Corporation

Surgical Coatings was founded in 1995 by Jim Morris as Integrated Surgical Sciences Corporation (ISSC).  Jim’s mission was to develop and apply advanced coatings to surgical instruments and other medical devices.  Jim was a pioneer in developing advanced coatings for electrosurgical instruments, vessel sealers and a host of other medical products.  He also developed innovative virtual masking technologies that allow Surgical Coatings to deliver the most precise masking in the industry. 

As Jim grew the company, his first son James became more interested in the business.  James, from the age of 8, could be seen at his father’s side and thrived on learning coatings and automation technology.  Not surprisingly, after high school, James chose to make engineering his career and he enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.


In 2011, James was in his junior year at Mines when his father passed away.  Jim’s untimely death caused great strain on the business.  The loss of his gift for leadership was felt at every level. This changed in 2015 when James, Mechanical Engineering diploma in hand, stepped back into the business full-time to run operations.  While James describes this period as a new graduate running operations as his period of trying to drink knowledge from a fire hose, he was able to reinforce the company’s place as an innovator in medical device coatings. 

Jim Morris and his son James Morris on vacation

In 2018 the opportunity presented itself for James and Jonathan to acquire the business in its entirety from his father’s estate.  With this acquisition came the name change from ISSC to Surgical Coatings, LLC.  

James Morris and medical device industry advisor Jon Thorne

During his time at Mines, James met a friend and mentor, Jonathan Thorne. Jonathan, a seasoned medical device industry veteran and successful entrepreneur, helped James transition from new graduate to successful business operations manager. 

While over the last 28 years the names and faces have changed, Surgical Coatings continues to deliver high performance quality coating services to the medical device industry.  This is the business we focus on and it is our only business.  We ask for the opportunity to work with you on your medical device coating needs.

School of Mines.jpg

In 28 years Surgical Coatings LLC has developed proprietary applications for hundreds of medical devices. Our expansive technological bandwidth is what sets us apart from the competition. 

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