Virtual Masking™

Proprietary Process

We specialize in custom medical device coatings.


Why Choose Surgical Coatings?

Medical device coating application is our only business. Our engineers have over 2 decades of experience working with customers to develop formulas for application of polymer coatings onto surgical and electrosurgical devices.


We exceed industry standards including ISO-13485, IEC 60601 and CGMP’s.


Our coatings are used on patients every day in mission critical applications.

Performance ad integrity in all polymer coating and formulations for surgical applications

Premium quality, custom recommendations, & fully transparent formulations.


Fully-Automated Coating Systems

Our medical device coatings come with guaranteed industry-leading accuracy, precision & repeatability.

  • Tolerance of +/- 0.0005" coating thickness

  • On-Line Laser Micrometers and SPC data

  • No manual spray


Virtual Masking™

Our proprietary Virtual Masking system is built with state-of-the-art technology created by our team of engineers.

  • Ensures completely clean edges

  • No poorly masked or flaky edges

  • No hand masking operations

  • No Over-spray in coating-free areas


Defect-Free Coatings

  • No pinholes 

  • No orange-peel

  • No adhesion failures 

  • No bloom, bubbles, blistering, or bridging

  • No craters 

  • No runs or sags

Extensive Variety of Coatings

Our team works directly with customers to develop formulas and processes to create the best medical coating for any application.  


If the chemistry or function required is not listed please contact us.

Functional Coatings for Surgical and Electrosurgical Devices
  • Protective

  • Electrical & Energy Insulation 

  • Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic

  • Anti-Microbial

  • Dry Film Lubricants

  • Non-Stick

  • Corrosion Resistance 

  • Optical Clarity

  • Anti-Reflection 

Surgial Coatings Chemistries to Meet Your Unique Needs for Coating Applicatons
Chemistries ​​
  • Polyurethanes

  • Polyesters

  • Epoxies

  • Enamels

  • Hybrids

  • Silicones

  • Nylons 

  • Polyimides

  • Fluoropolymers

  • Ceramics

  • Metallics

  • Acrylics

  • Inorganics

  • Polyolefins

  • Polyethylene

  • Vinyls

Medical Device Focus

Since 1995, Surgical Coatings has been 100% dedicated to providing mission-critical surface coating services to the medical device industry. We specialize in electrosurgical, surgical, and medical device coatings and  understand the steps required to continually deliver quality products that meet exacting medical device and FDA standards.

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